JPK&S Crafty Holiday Gift Guide #2


Here’s a gift idea that will brighten up a few grey winter hours – Threadfollower’s stuffed animal hand-stitching kits! These kits are appropriate for kids (and adults!) 8 and up — our sample bunny was made by a nine-year-old with minimal sewing experience — and did we mention completely adorable? They contain everything you need to make a little plush friend, including detailed step-by-step instructions. Threadfollower uses local and recycled materials, so you can inspire creativity and eco-consciousness all in one great gift!

*Number 2 in our annual series of DAILY gift ideas from your friends at JP Knit & Stitch. Stay tuned every day right here until December 24th for your daily dose of crafty inspiration.

This Gift Guide was brought to you by Jess (teacher + crafter + JPK&S-er)!

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