A couple of projects walked into the store…

A couple of great projects walked into the store towards the end of the day yesterday…number 1: Danielle and her super cute hooded cape. Her own design, made with 4 skeins of Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky.How perfect for her is that? Her eyes are super blue in person and she just has a general air of awesomeness…which the hooded cape kinda just cements…If you’ve got a good design and it work for you…replicate! Danielle is working on another cape, this time all black (Cascade 220) and lace work. We can’t wait to see it!We usually like to post completed projects here on the JPK&S blog, however, those that follow us know we have a soft spot in our heart for process….so project number 2 that walked into our store yesterday evening was Amy Ward-Bailey and her very interesting project-in-the-making…Here is her yarn and color pallet…a big pile of Cascade 220…can you guess what it is without looking at the next photo?No, I didn’t think so. Yes, Amy is working on a Hogwarts Bag. That she designed. Using lots of graph paper and yes, lots of math (see below)…Nobody said this was gonna be easy…So we asked “what are we looking at years? months? weeks?” Amy said “months.” We are beyond impressed. Stay tuned…ps. check out our facebook page for photos of our winter sample raffle items.

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