A Lacy Winter Wonderland

Thanks to the wonderful and creative Taylor, our intermediate sewing teacher extraordinaire + display designer, our shop windows have morphed with the seasons into a lovely vintage lace +  fabric wrapped presents window-scape. It’s hard to capture in a photo but lovely to behold. Just in time for the weather turning into a wintery white (and hopefully presaging a little of that fluffy white powder-y stuff)…every day it feels more and more like knitting season. We are lining up fun + festive workshops and events for the month of December. One Day Knitting Workshop – Knit Collage! and Wet Felting Workshop – Scarf or Fabric are both scheduled for Sunday, December 9th. Check back often both here and in the shop for upcoming classes, workshops, and events, along with info on new yarn inventory arriving almost daily. ‘

Tis the season almost upon us!

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