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It’s knitting season! I am celebrating this wonderful time of year by knitting myself a pair of gloves. You know, so they can be done the moment it starts warming up.

The popular mentality for using “need” as a motivator to knit something doesn’t really work for me because I am one of the many slow knitters out there. Despite all of this self knowledge I have still chosen to knit myself a pair of gloves (which I need), with fingering weight yarn, two gloves at once with the magic loop. I am very excited to start the new fashion statement of wearing gloves in May.

I am using the His & Her Gloves by Dagmar Mora. It is actually a wonderfully written pattern. It includes lots of different sizes ranging from women’s XS to men’s XL, which is great because my hands are huge. The directions are very detailed and easy to understand, which is IMPORTANT for me because knitting patterns can feel like complicated algebra equations at times.

His & Her Gloves not only sounds like a weird transformer glove that would only be sold on QVC TV by someone who smiles too much, but also uses Twisted Ribbing. Which is weird to wrap your head around at first, knitting through the back loop goes against my natural knitting instincts, but I’m halfway done and pretty sure it’s ruining knitting through the front loop for me forever.

Overall I really like the pattern and I love working on two at the same time. They fit amazing so far, and I am pretty sure that they are going to look super cool once May comes around. Get ready for gloves in Spring…it is going to be a thing.


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