Berroco Vintage and White Pine sweater

Can’t Beat Berroco!

There’s something wonderful and homey about workhorse yarns. Affordable, reliable, and not too flashy, these are yarns you can work into projects that last a long time, through many wears and lots of love. We adore Berroco Comfort for this purpose, and have recently added two more Berroco yarns that are perfect for everyday projects, but still a joy to work with.

Berroco Vintage is an acrylic, nylon, and wool blend. It’s soft, washable, and we’ve got it in eight autumnal, heathery colors. I’m currently sailing through the White Pine sweater in Tide Pool (in the background of the picture below). You’ll see me wearing it in the shop soon. It’s been so nice to work with, staying soft but not pilling. Having run another Vintage project through the laundry (in hot water and on high in the dryer!), I know it will hold up to my abuse.

Our other new Berroco yarn is a classic: Ultra Alpaca. This half wool, half alpaca blend is perfect if you like the colors and value of Cascade 220, but find that all-wool yarn too rough. It would be so nice as a sweater (maybe with stripes?), a warm, slouchy hat, or even a Christmas stocking.  We’ve got eight heathered shades of this yarn, too. (And how great is the pinky orange, Grapefruit Mix?)


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