Cast-on Party and Meet Ups for Rickroll Wrap KAL - February

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Join us at Turtle Swamp Brewing on Wednesday, Feb 5 from 6-8pm to cast on the Rickroll Wrap by Mary Annarella of Lyrical Knits for our month-long KAL! After you cast-on, we will be having weekly meetups for the month of February on Friday evenings from 6-8pm to work on our Rickroll Wraps. Join us for this KAL and finish by the end of February and you will be entered to win a $20 JPKS giftcard*!

The Rickroll Wrap is a crazy-versatile wrap/shawl/sweater. You can wear it so many different ways - there's even a video showing you how... Plus there are two size versions, a small and medium so you can decide which size you want to knit. Oh, and there are instructions for making the shawl in to a fade if you prefer that over a 3 or 4 color version. So many options, you can go wrong when you Rickroll!

Meet up dates:
Feb 5 @ Turtle Swamp Brewing from 6-8pm - See you at our cast-on party!
Feb 7 @ JPKS from 6-8pm
Feb 14 @ JPKS from 6-8pm
Feb 21 @ JPKS from 6-8pm
Feb 28 @ JPKS from 6-8pm

*Prize: You will be entered to win a $20 JPKS giftcard if you complete the wrap at the end of February (before or at our last meetup) and use at least one yarn bought at JPKS.