Tiny Sweaters on our Tiny Tree

14 Dec JPK&S Crafty Holiday Gift Guide #14

Tiny Sweaters! There's still time to make sweaters for everyone in your family! Tiny sweater ornaments, that it. Each year, the local (Rhode Island!) yarn company Berroco releases a new pattern for a mini sweater, called Minutia. Check out the collection! These bitty guys are perfect for personalized ornaments, gift tags, gift card or money holders, or even a hint of something...

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02 Dec JPK&S Crafty Holiday Gift Guide #2

THREADFOLLOWER KITS! Here’s a gift idea that will brighten up a few grey winter hours – Threadfollower’s stuffed animal hand-stitching kits! These kits are appropriate for kids (and adults!) 8 and up -- our sample bunny was made by a nine-year-old with minimal sewing experience -- and did we mention completely adorable? They contain everything you need to make a little...

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Thanks for being so wonderful + sweet!

19 Mar Threadfollower Thank you!!!!

Thanks to Cynthia from Threadfollower for making the trip up from Providence to lead a workshop in her amazing + adorable kits. We had such fun with her and are very grateful that all that creativity lives just a short way away from us. Can't wait to get her back sometime soon. Thank you Cynthia + Threadfollower....

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