JP Knit & Stitch Community Outreach + Giving – Since we opened our doors in 2011, we’ve taken our role as a community-based retail shop to heart, sponsoring a number of outreach projects every year that allow us to foster a vibrant community both inside the shop and out. We also donate throughout the year to many worthy causes and diverse non-profits, including NetWork LA Red, the Roslindale Friends of the Library, Spontaneous Celebrations, and Hyde Square Task Force. We believe that the core values of our shop—creativity, joy, and community—go hand in hand with supporting our neighbors and our wider community. Our motto is “a yarn + fabric shop with a community soul” – and we take that motto seriously.

We’ve been honored to be part of a range of efforts and thank our many customers who’ve partnered with us to reach our goals and inspired us every step of the way:

Boston Public Schools
 – This is a cause near and dear to our hearts. Our children and many of the children in our community attend a Boston Public School. Our nearest neighbor is the Curley K8 and we partner with them in different ways throughout the year. We donate annually to the Mendel School in Roxbury, The Manning in Jamaica Plain, The Curley K8 in Jamaica Plain among others.

Apprentice Learning – 
In 2016, we were humbled to be honored with an award for our long-time partnership with Apprentice Learning, an amazing program that helps place 8th graders from the Boston Public Schools in internships to provide career skills and support. We’ve hosted many right here in the shop and it’s been a joy to see all they’ve achieved.

Wake Up the Earth – 
JP’s annual Spring parade and festival is a celebration that really does wake up the earth and tie our community together. JPKS has partnered with Spontaneous Celebrations to create a community crafting project every year since our opening in 2011. In 2013 we organized a large scale community crafted Marriage Equality Banner that showcased our commitment to progressive ideas and our ability to bring the local crafting community together. From the marriage equality banner to crafty gardens blooming in the park and extensive yarn-bombing installations, we’ve collaborated as a community every first Saturday in May to make it all happen. Stay tuned for more details about this year’s parade.

Jamaica Plain Little League
 – We support Jamaica PLain’s most diverse and fun little league organization, Regan Youth League Baseball, including sponsoring a JP Knit & Stitch little league team – go crafters!

Open for Service
 – We’re proud to be registered with this non-profit that provides an inclusive network aimed at promoting businesses and organizations that will not turn someone away based on sexual orientation, gender, race, disability, or political/religious affiliation.

NuDay for Syria Drive – During the month of February 2017 JP Knit & Stitch held a month long drive to collect sewing and knitting supplies and notions to donate to the non-profit organization NuDay Syria. All supplies donated were put toward their Social Business Program, which enable women by providing them with the tools they need to make goods to sell.

Shop with a Cause
 – This is a yearly event supported by many Jamaica Plain businesses to raise funds for charity each holiday season. Through it, JPK&S has been able to raise funds and awareness for local organizations including Spontaneous Celebrations and the Hyde Square Task Force.

Project Peace
 – When Christina of Project Peace stopped into the shop and told us about her vision, we knew we’d met a kindred spirit. We got to host a special knit night in support of Project Peace this December and encourage you to read more about it!

United South End Settlements Hat + Mittens Drive
 – We were thrilled to answer the call of one of our stalwart (and big hearted) Friday night stitchers, Gabby, who asked us to host a drive to knit lots of warm hats and mittens for the United South End Settlements Winter Coat Drive. Thank you to all who gave generously of their time, talents, and stash towards this great cause!

Pussyhat Project Knit -Ins
 – From November 2016 through January 2017, we sourced an incredible amount of pink yarn and held Friday StitchNight knit-ins to make many, many pink pussyhats to support the marchers of the 2017 Women’s March on Washington and its sister march right here in Boston.

We are always open to collaborating with community members for charitable giving and donations. If you have a project that you would like us to support – from donations, to serving as a collection point for donated items, to lending our space – please contact Alexis Agbay at We would be more than happy to consider your request!