Cotton + Steel Fabrics - Cotton Basics

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These basic cotton fabrics are all from Cotton + Steel. These are all great basics to keep on hand for mixing and matching with your favorite prints! Use them for quilting or garment sewing!

  • The Stitched Up patterns feature a sweet little dash that reads like a polka dot!
  • The Square Up patterns also feature a polka dot motif.
  • The Netorious pattern is a small lattice print and a great neutral.
  • The cups patterns has copper metallic and is on an unbleached fabric.
  • Mishmesh pattern is also a fun lattice print.
  • Go Dot Go features dotted lines on unbleach fabric and would make a polished button-up shirt, a mellow home dec project, or a low-key addition to a geometric quilt.
  • The rose gold imagined landscapes features a nature inspired design and is on unbleached fabric. We would love to see a skirt, dress, top or some children's clothes made from this!
  • Front Yard Frogs is a fun print with a cute frogs and hearts on a white background. What adorable items we can envision with this fabric!
  • Freckles prints are cute stars, dots and crosses.
  • Dottie prints feature polka dots on a diagonal bias.

Note that the rose gold landscape print, freckles in baby blue, blush color stitched up, netorious clouds, and cups are all metallic!

Cotton: 100% COTTON
Width: 44"
Weight: Lightweight