Crafters Interview: Ginny

In honor of our full slate of Fall class offerings (see our classes page), we are debuting the first in an occasional series of crafter interviews. Our first subject is our most accomplished product of our Afterschool Knitting Club. Meet Virginia Durcan. We call her Ginny. This is her crafting story:

JPK&S: How long have you been knitting?

Ginny: Since I was four

JPK&S: Who taught you how to knit?

Ginny: My mother

JPK&S: What was the first thing you knit?

Ginny: A scarf

JPK&S: When did you start taking classes at JPK&S?

Ginny: I have been in the knitting club since I was in second grade [Ginny is an entering 4th grader at the Curley K8 in JP]

JPK&S: What was the hardest project you have worked on?

Ginny: The sweater. I couldn’t have done it without Alison’s help [her knitting club teacher]

JPK&S: What was your favorite project?

Ginny: my pink hat

JPK&S: Why?

Ginny: It was the most fun and the first project in my knitting club.

JPK&S: Which project do you wear the most?

Ginny: My pink hat and my pointy hat.

JPK&S: Have you made anything for anyone else?

Ginny: I made a bracelet for my brother.

JPK&S: Does he know how to knit?

Ginny: Kind of. He knows how to knit but not to purl.

JPK&S What do you want to make next?

Ginny:: After I finish my cowl I want to make socks.

JPK&S: What do you like about knitting?

Ginny: Once you get into it you kind of forget about everything.

JPK&S: Where do you knit?

Ginny: At JPK&S and in my living room.

JPK&S: Do you have any advice for a new knitter?

Ginny: Once you try it you might get a little frustrated but if you keep on doing it, it will be fun. I enjoy knitting and I hope you do the same.


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