Genevieve #WIP: Crafting Check in

Hmmmm. So the thing about mittens (and socks and sleeves) is that there are TWO of them. Does anyone remember the limited edition sock project bag we carried deigned by Taylor that was a play on the René Magritte painting, La trahison des images (Ceci n’est pas une pipe) (The Treachery of Images [This is Not a Pipe]) – we had a pic of a single sock and called it “Ceci pas une paire” [yes, it was screen printed in metallic gold] – it kinda summed up for us the basic issue with knitting two of something – it’s kinda a pain (or a tragedy depending on how you look at it!).  Once you have that great feeling of accomplishment in finishing ONE, you have to go and do the whole thing over again. I cruised through the FIRST mitten – the Double Lined Mittens by Amanda Lilley (wonderful pattern!) but totally stalled out on the SECOND one. Admittedly, I was also trying to finish up the Drachenfels shawl at the same time, which I did, but it was still was hard to get back and work on that second mitten (especially given that the mittens are lined so effectively I’m making FOUR mittens). I am one of those knitters that likes to finish up a project before I start another one, so I am determined to get this one done so I can move on to the Brooklyn Tweed project I’m hatching in my mind (more on that later). Which brings me to our next post, written by the lovely and talented Alexis Agbay – JP Knit & Stitch staffer, sewing teacher, and lady with the big laugh (see her bio HERE and classes she’s teaching HERE) – she gives us a quick peak into what she’s working on.  Hmmm, this mitten thing seems to be a trend. And, what about you? What’s on your needles?


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