Crafty Gift Idea #14: Nifty Notions

For last minute gifts, why not consider getting creative with some notions?

Use a peice of ribbon to embroider a custom keychain or showcase that great statement button with a bracelet! The possibilities are endless…

We made a keychain from our 1″ wide linen ribbon which is perfect for embroidery or cross-stitch. Just attach to a normal keyring for a personalized gift.

We also made a bracelet using one of our big beautiful buttons on a bracelet of teal twine, with a yellow toggle button and loop as a closure. Make a bunch for a fashionable friend to mix and match.

*This is post #14 in our Holiday Happiness Gift Guide Series. Stay tuned every day for crafty gift inspiration. One a day, until we collapse with exhaustion under our tree on December 24th.

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