Crafty Gift Idea #16: Lazy Days Skirt

Our Crafty Gift Idea #16 comes to us complements of the very crafty Jennifer Clark. Full time teacher, full time mother of two sweet little girls (as well as two of the four legged variety), she has still found the time for a handmade holiday. She says she will be taking a break from sewing in the new year after having sewn something for everyone this year. Here is her quick and easy Lazy Days skirt (free Oliver + S pattern) modeled by the lovely Leila.  This is an easy selvage to selvage skirt with a quick elastic hem. Make one in an evening. There’s still plenty of time. Thanks for sharing, Jen!

*This is post #16 in our Holiday Happiness Gift Guide Series. Stay tuned every day for crafty gift inspiration. One a day, until we collapse with exhaustion under our tree on December 24th.

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