Crafty Gift Idea #18: JP Knit & Stitch Gift Card

We’ve save the best for last! Introducing…our last crafty gift idea, the JP Knit & Stitch gift card. You can buy these in any amount and with it you or a loved one will have access to all that Jp Knit & Stitch has to offer! Use it towards a January knitting/sewing/crochet class (start the new year with a new skill or hone an old one); use it towards some lovely yarn (we are still chock full of fun + lovely yarns perfect for your next project); or an inspiring book, a kids crafting kit, or even just a cute and adorable animal tape measure.

*This is post #18 in our Holiday Happiness Gift Guide Series. Stay tuned every day for crafty gift inspiration. One a day, until we collapse with exhaustion under our tree on December 24th.

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