Crafty Gift Idea #8: Nelkin Kits

We are always on the lookout for good, crafty kits to carry at JP Knit & Stitch. There’s nothing like receiving a present with cute packaging with everything you need to make something special right inside.  That’s why we love our newest find (thanks, Eloise!), Crafty Gift Idea #5, The Threadfollower kits, and why we love Crafty Gift Idea #8, the Laura Nelkin designed knitting kits. Make a Mudra Cuff, a Butin Collar, or the Rippled necklace. Included in each little set is a beautiful sock yarn, a three strand side clasp, glass beads, and floss threader. Just add size 2 knitting needles and viola! beautiful, sparkling jewelry to give or wear for the holidays.

*This is post #8 in our Holiday Happiness Gift Guide Series. Stay tuned every day for crafty gift inspiration. One a day, until we collapse with exhaustion under our tree on December 24th.

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