Crafty projects…

We had such fun at our opening weekend at JP Knit & Stitch. We just loved when people came in with projects in mind that they had been saving for us. Here is a window shade project that, to be one hundred percent honest, I wasn’t quite sure about. Hmmm, I thought…I love the fabric and sounds like a great idea, but will it work???Check out those Geigher scissors…the fabric is a dec weight by a Japanese designer named Isso Ecco. I just love it!And, voila! She not only made it work but in record time…like 24 hours. Go Molly!ps. More Press: The JP Gazette article on us just came out on the web. Stay tuned for the paper version on March 18th.

    Posted at 18:24h, 07 March

    Hi there! I'm a local and stopped by on Sunday with my hubby and baby in tow. I've been anxiously awaiting your store for months, and am looking forward to stopping in again when I have more time to choose a project and fabric. You've done an awesome job with the design of the store. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing what kind of sewing classes you'll offer.

  • Momo
    Posted at 21:46h, 07 March

    As I look out my kitchen window I get to see my neighbor's pretty new Japanese inspired fabric shades. Thanks for adding color and beauty to my view, Molly!

  • mollusk
    Posted at 14:14h, 08 March

    ohh! so sweet!thanks Genevieve for the shout out! YOU THREE LADIES HAVE SUCH A GREAT STORE!! love it! just in case anyone else has vinyl roller shades they are looking to replace with great fabric from knit & stitch…."momo" you rock!!