Dolls for Zambia Recap

Sunday’s Dolls for Zambia workshop was so inspiring!  Many, many thanks to Ruth Litchfield of Communities without Borders for being with us.  Ruth is committed, enthusiastic, patient, creative and inspiring.  Ruth brought dolls she had made, patterns, hints, and stories that motivated and moved us.  The children in the orphanages she works with have absolutely nothing and they just love these cuddle dolls.  Come on by the store and see for yourself.  There’s a basket of dolls, patterns and information about giving money if you would rather participate in that way.  We are also grateful to our own Jo Anne Steeves who will be taking the dolls we contribute to Zambia in July.  The deadline for bringing finished dolls in is June 30th.  They are fun, easy and quick to make.  Use up your stash!  Let us know if you have any questions.  Thanks to Marty, Susie, Barbara, Jo Anne, Meredith, Annie, Chris who attended the workshop.

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