Fantastic Fabrics

We’ve got new fabrics from Nani Iro and Cloud9  to get you through the last bit of summer sewing (and get you in the mood for fall sewing)!

From Nani Iro, we’ve got sweet, painterly, super soft cottons. These really have to be seen in person; there are gorgeous, subtle moments in all the prints that are tough to see in a photo. Plus, we’ve already sold out of one bolt, so these are going fast!

We’ve also got some choice prints from Cloud9’s latest collections, Into the Forest, Mixteca (see those cute secret puffins all the way on the right?), and Koi.

This includes two organic cotton voiles from Koi which would, coincidentally, be perfect for our newest pattern, Hawthorn from Colette patterns! Hawthorn is a super flattering, button up shirtwaist dress. Keep an eye out for a sample and a class soon!

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