Halloween DIY Queen: Alexa Goldin

Have you met our fabulous kid’s knitting instructor Alexa Goldin? Alexa seems to have magical child-whispering powers and it’s been a joy to watch her teach, inspire, cheer, and bond with young knitters in the shop each month. What we didn’t realize though was that Alexa has another superpower–she is a diehard DIY-er of some pretty epic Halloween costumes and is kindly sharing them here with us today–we hope they’ll help inspire your own makes this Halloween whether you’re knitting, sewing, or glue-gunning the last bits together!

Here are the details on our top two favorites +a list of ingredients should you want to try your own hand at recreating these looks!

Parrot Alexa, 2017


  • Alexa’s inspiration
  • Cotton fabric in orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, cut into triangles and then pinned (one row at a time) and sewed on to simple purchased dress in desired silhouette
  • Purchased fairy wings and then hot glued faux feathers to both sides
  • Add more feathers to taste and be your fabulous self!


Cheeseburger Alexa, 2010


  • Alexa’s inspiration
  • Alexa created the dress employing an improv-based approach and working it in the round. A friend (whose blog originally inspired the project) then steeked it for a better fit and grosgrain ribbon was added under the straps to keep them from stretching too much
  • Toppings knit and crocheted and then tacked onto the dress–onions made with a crochet chain, lettuce was formed with excessive increasing, and pickles worked in the round with crochet
  • Purple streamers were attached to wooden chopsticks to create toothpicks
  • Red swarovski rhinestones applied to the knit french fry legwarmers and tan ones used as sesame seeds on the bun
  • A sense of humor and appetite!

Happy Halloween all–we hope you have a creative, fun, and safe time!


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