Happy Thanksgiving from JPK&S

This past Saturday was one of those very special days that teach us so much…We were incredibly busy; with classes (crochet, knitting with wire, and beginning quilting) and lots of wonderful customers:  knitters, sewers, quilters, crocheters – beginners to advanced and all levels in between; grandmothers, daughters, retirees, just married, new parents, young professionals, men and women, all the richness that is community and what we love about having a shop in JP.  We were so busy that there wasn’t the time or space to be with each customer the way we would like.  But you, our fabulous customers/friends/crafters stepped in.  A woman came in wanting help reading an European pattern, and one of you, who’s very familiar with such patterns, helped her.  Another person came in wanting help getting started knitting with round needles, and you, sitting in the chair knitting with round needles, helped her.    I overheard one customer helping another find some yarn on the shelf.  And, at least seven people learned how to use the ball winder. Yes, it takes a Village to run a yarn and fabric store and we are so grateful for you…Happy  Thanksgiving!

The photo below was taken at StitchNight (a great example of community in action!), from right to left: Stefania, Gianfranco, Luisa, Liz, Steven, Tracy, Sarah, and Gina.

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