Help Us Wake Up The Earth!

One of our favorite times of year in JP is right around the corner: Spontaneous Celebrations’ Wake up the Earth Festival. For those of you new to  JP, this festival celebrates not only the coming of Spring, but the creation of our own fabulous greenspace, the SouthWest Corridor Park (what I like to think of as the backbone of JP). This festival has been going on since 1979 and commemorates a true grassroots victory: instead of the proposed extension of I-95 right through the heart of our community, a group of committed activists got together, defeated the proposal, and instead we have this wonderful wending greenspace full of parks, bike trails, playgrounds, tennis courts, community gardens…a public space for all ages + backgrounds. Read more about it here.

Last year we helped Wake up the Earth by beautifying the electrical poles down the SouthWest Corridor. See the gallery below. This year we have something else planned. Come to our community meeting at the shop on Thursday, April 26th, from 6-8pm to learn all about it. If you can’t make the meeting, please email us at: and we will let you know how you can participate.

If you won’t be able to help us make something, please consider donating yarn + fabric scraps for our community stash pool.  We will be setting up a picnic blanket at the festival (moving our living room outside for the day) where we will be making yarn + fabric crafts with the community all day. There is a drop box at the shop for you to donate materials.

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