Hunger Games in JP

This next project is pure DIY. We love it because it’s so creative, so very now (who knew teenagers were having dress up Hunger Games parties?), and so very JP in it’s inventive-DIY-ness. Suzanne (mom) and Kylie came in for some help with construction of the costume and they picked up some elastic while they were at it. (A goal of ours is to be the “go to” for all your maker projects…). Here’s what Mom has to say:

“Kylie needed to design a costume to represent District 2, Masonry and Weapons for an incredible Hunger Game party.  She sponge painted a pillowcase of bricks for the top, and sewed together parts of two different skirts for the bottom.  She consulted with JP Knit & Stitch for expert advice on construction.  She won Most Creative Costume.”

Yes, we are inspired! Congratulations.


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