Intro to Design - 2019

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Course Length:
2 hours, 2 sessions
12 pm - 2 pm

Join us for a new class with Amy - Intro to Design: Basics of stitch patterning for a flat project. Are you ready to make a leap to knit your own design? Are you curious about what goes into the decision making for a pattern? We will look at your yarn choice, gauge, stitch dictionaries, end product, etc and help you come up with a cowl, scarf, blanket, rectangular shawl, etc of your own. This class will focus on a flat project to dip your toes in the design world.

Instructor: Amy Blake-Baldwin

Class Dates: June 16 & 23, 12:00 - 2:00

Skill/Difficulty Level: Advanced Beginner. Can easily follow a pattern, read your knitting, counts stitches, do basic math and read knitted gauge.

What is Needed:

  • A notebook and writing utensil
  • calculator
  • measuring tape
  • stitch markers
  • needles appropriate to the yarn(s) of your choice (and maybe 1 size larger and smaller to play with gauge). All yarn sizes are welcome!

Registered students receive 10% off their supplies for the class.

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