Introducing: Spun Right Round Yarns at JP Knit & Stitch!

Spun Right Round on SW Sock 80/20. We promise no yarn was harmed in our asphalt jungle glamour shoot.

(goonies reference…anybody?…anybody out there?)

We are so flippin’ excited to share with you that we’re the proud new stockists of some fabulous colorways from Spun Right Round! We’ve been on the search for an indie dyer offering the highest quality speckled yarns and once we came across Renee’s work at Spun Right Round, we knew the search was over. Done. The ring had been carried through Mordor and was oozy melting in Mount Doom like nobodies business y’all.

Ok, all geek references aside–Several of our hard-core yarnies on staff had already worked with Renee’s yarns and fallen in love. When we got our hands on some skeins and were able to see and feel the perfect balance of a quality base with SRR’s lovely and edgy on-point colorways, we were hooked too! As fiber nerds who feel strongly about promoting folks in our own backyard (Renee is just a stone’s throw away in New York’s Hudson Valley region), we are genuinely happy to be able to share these skeins with you too!

Spun Right Round Custom Colorway Bundles on Classic Sock. From L to R: Cat’s Pajamas, Cosmic Trip, Scrunchies and Side Ponytails

To celebrate, we worked with Renee on three custom colorway bundles especially for our summer KAL that will launch next week–Friday, June 30th. Additionally, we will also have a batch of some of our favorite Spun Right Round colors on her SW Sock 80/20. This is a merino/nylon base with a twist that is so perfect for sturdy but comfy socks! Subscribe to our newsletter before noon on Friday the 23rd to be the first to know when all this Spun Right Round yarn will be hitting the shelves!

But you don’t have to take our word for it (sorry, couldn’t resist…). Check out our exclusive interview with Renee below to get to know this talented lady and her yarns. She just moved Spun Right Round into a new studio space and we are excited to see what’s ahead for them!

Renee circa 2008, the year she started Spun Right Round, taken in her bubble gum pink sewing room. We are getting all the 60’s rock ‘n roll/yé-yé vibes from this photo and loving it.

Can you tell us three things about yourself that we should all know?
1. I’m a house mouse, not getting out much other than for food or work. Speaking of food, Indian is my favorite!
2. I’m terrified of spiders and heights but I’d probably climb a ladder to get away from a spider.
3. Five years ago I rescued a Blue-Heeler and it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Kate here:
Renee also has adorable cats and if you aren’t following her on Instagram, you are missing out on a lot of rad color and cuteness!

We’re big fiber nerds here at JPKS–can you tell us a bit about how and where you source your fiber from?
The yarns are sourced from Argentina and Uruguay. My supplier sources from farms of various sizes, large and small.

Each of your skeins looks so randomly beautiful, but the care with which you dye becomes very apparent as they knit up. Of course, speckle yarns are “so hot” right now and yours are pretty special for their imaginative bursts of super rad post-modern color combos, base quality, and stunning balance of spontaneity/control of pooling. How do you go about developing a new colorway and what are your favorites so far?
I take a pretty whimsical approach when creating colorways, I really go at it with what I feel like seeing at the moment. Sometimes I forget to take notes or I get carried away and they become too complex to recreate. I just try to have fun! My favorites right now are Crowded Cloud, House of Dolls, and Pistachio Seahorse.

Your colorway names are awesome–can you share any of the stories behind them with us? 

Thanks! Many come from faded memories, music, phrases and superstitions. For example, Crowded Cloud was inspired by the Rolling Stones “Get Off Of My Cloud”.

Dying in progress at the new Spun Right Round Studio

You’d mentioned you just moved into a new studio, congrats! What is the new space like and what’s next for Spun Right Round as you grow?
Yes! Finally a studio outside of the home, what a relief! I have a 775 square foot space in the historical Hungerford Building located in Rochester, NY. It was once a syrup factory, but is now home to over 100 working artists spread over five floors. At this point it’s probably necessary for me to begin hiring to really take the next step, but I think for now I’d prefer to manage all the parts of the business myself. I’m not too good at delegating work!

Sorry guys, I’m still thinking about all that syrup!
And we’d be remiss if we didn’t ask–Do you have any personal crafty/DIY projects you’re working on right now?
I so wish I could get back to metal working in my free time but I can’t seem to find any! By the end of the day you’ll find me knitting away on the couch as I wind down from being at the dye studio. My current WIP is the Kimba Shawl by Ambah O’Brien. I just had to dive into some new colorways to see how they knit up together!

You can find Renee over on her website, instagram, and facebook.






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