In the two years since JP Knit & Stitch opened, we have been amazed and delighted every day by the creativity of our customers. When we decided we wanted to create another tote bag to celebrate our anniversary, we knew just where to turn. So, we’re holding a contest!

The details:
-First, the prize! One winner will be selected and have his or her design printed on a limited run of tote bags. The winner will receive one bag, plus a $50 gift certificate to the store. We’ll also feature the design on our website and social media, with a link to the winner’s site.
-Designs must be emailed to with “Design Contest” in the subject line by midnight on Sunday, March 24th. We’ll announce a winner on Saturday, March 30th.
-The design should celebrate JP Knit & Stitch’s second anniversary, so the name of the store must be featured in the design.
-We’re printing on ¬†recycled cotton bags from Envirotote (just like last year). This year, the bags are a little bigger: 18″ wide by 14.5″ high. The print area is 14″ by 11″.

Submitted designs must be:
-14″ by 11″. Your design doesn’t need to fill up a whole rectangle that’s 14″ by 11″, but keep this size and proportion in mind.
-Emailed as small jpeg or PDF. However, make sure that it is available in a high resolution (300 dpi, 14″ by 11″). If you have a vector image, that’s awesome. If not, that’s okay, too. Just make sure it’s crisp and big enough to print.
-Your own, original work, aside from the JP Knit & Stitch logo, if you’d like to use that. Everything else must be your own creation. By submitting a design, you agree that the design is your own original work, has not been previously published, and does not contain any trademarks, logos, copyrighted material, or any other intellectual property belonging to any third party.
-In black and white (not grayscale). We’ll be printing just one color, so if you’d like to suggest a different color than black, please do so! However, for the screenprinting process to work well, we need a bold, high contrast design. Shades of gray won’t work.

The winning designer grants JP Knit & Stitch the rights to print their design for one year, on the tote bag detailed above.

Questions? Comments? Email

Otherwise, be inspired! We can’t wait to see what you all might come up with and what JP Knit & Stitch means to you.