JPK&S Crafty Holiday Gift Guide #17 + 18

**New** limited edition JP Knit and Stitch Project Bags (and projects to go with them).

Just in the nick of time for your last minute gifts, here are some cute limited edition JP Knit & Stitch project bags. We have two sizes in two styles…one especially for socks!

Want to assemble a kit for a fellow knitter? We’ve paired the larger bag with two coordinating skeins of Manos Wool Clasica, bamboo needles, and stitch markers but possibilities are endless. On its own, it would also make a great tote or a reusable produce/grain bag to take to the market.

The smaller bag is meant for socks and printed in gold. Put together some sock yarn and needles as a gift for a knitter or  use this drawstring bag as a gift bag for hand knit socks!

The design of this bag is inspired by a famous painting by the surrealist artist Rene Magritte, which features an image of a pipe and the phrase “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” or “This is not a pipe”. In its time, this painting caused quite a stir. (More information about the painting, called “The Treachery of Images”can be found here). If the ‘treachery of images’ is that they will never be what they represent, then the treachery of knitting socks is surely finishing the first sock and realizing you have to knit a second one!

These Gift Guides were brought to you by Taylor (former art history student + teacher + crafter + JPK&S-er)!

*Number 17 + 18  in our annual series of DAILY gift ideas from your friends at JP Knit & Stitch. Stay tuned every day right here until December 24th for your daily dose of crafty inspiration. (Sort by “Crafty Gift Guide” under each post to see all in the series.)



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