JPK&S Crafty Holiday Gift Guide #21

Self-Measuring Measuring Tape

This is an excellent stocking stuffer for any knitter, crocheter, or sewer on your list! This measuring tape has a special peg that hooks into the body of the tape measure. Loop the measuring tape around your arm, waist, or whatever hard-to-reach thing you need to measure, hook the peg into the measuring tape, then hit the button to tighten up the take. You’ll get a perfect measurement with less twisting, turning, and straining to read those little numbers.

Plus, the tape measure has the JP Knit & Stitch logo on it; a great way to show crafty neighborhood pride!

This Gift Guide was brought to you by Eloise (crafter + JPK&S-er)!

*Number 21  in our annual series of DAILY gift ideas from your friends at JP Knit & Stitch. Stay tuned every day right here until December 24th for your daily dose of crafty inspiration. (Sort by “Crafty Gift Guide” under each post to see all in the series.)

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