Judy’s Mittens

Usually when we post photos from a project that inspires us, we like to talk a little about what particular aspects really spoke to us. In this case, we are turning the floor over to Judy, who says it better than I could when I asked her what got her started on her lovely mitten kick:

“I’ve been thinking about the how and why of this rather recent, one-year long, addiction. Its genesis might have been about 5 years ago when, on a trip to Sweden, I was introduced to Oleana sweaters. Unable to afford them, I figured that if I could find a pattern, I could make one. And I did! I could not believe the cleverness of me, to quote Peter Pan. I figured out, in my own way, how to knit with two colors. During our daughter’s college graduation, as I sat in the stadium, waiting for her name to be called, I knit away on my second or third Oleana pattern. A woman seated behind me tapped me on the shoulder and offered that my knitting would be so much quicker if I had one color in each hand, and picked the one while I knit the other. And it was!! But these patterns took a long time to complete and a lot of dollars worth of yarn. So, the idea of two-colored mittens came to me, about a year ago, while said daughter was a graduate student at Syracuse University, and seriously in need of very warm and cute mittens. Again, I astonished myself at how quickly and professionally mittens could be knitted. These sorts of mittens satisfied my love of process, the making of them, watching the patterns emerge as they grew, and my desire for a terrific looking product, and the recurrent satisfaction gleaned from quickly completing a project. And what great (and impressive) gifts they made. So, this year has been the year of the mitten. By the time I work my way around my friends and family members, surely the early mittens will be worn out, or lost, so I can see this addiction having quite a future.”

Thanks, Judy. We are inspired!

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