Marriage Equality Banner Update

THE PLAN: JP Knit & Stitch, in collaboration with the local crafting community  has, for the last three years, created a yarn/fiber installation during the rite of spring known as Spontaneous Celebrations’ Wake Up the Earth festival here in JP. This year we were inspired by the Human Rights Campaign’s red + pink Marriage Equality symbol. We have decided to build a community crafted version of our own out of knitted and crocheted squares. We are collecting squares at the shop which we will sew together next week. On the day of the festival–Saturday, May 4th–we will be set up on the main lawn in front of Stoneybrook T-stop and we will continue to add (sew squares) to it throughout the day. We will also have a knitting/crochet station set up so people can sit and make squares on the spot. We are excited about the possibility that we may end up with a pretty large banner! But we still need your hep!!!! Click here for the three ways you can help this effort.

THE UPDATE: The crafting for Marriage Equality group met last night during StitchNight at the shop. We discussed logistics around piecing together the banner. We are planning on sewing together the interior part of the marriage equality banner (the pink equal sign) first, before the festival.

THE DEADLINES: Drop off your pink squares on Sunday, April 28 at 5pm. We will use the week to sew together the equal sign and then on the day of the festival (Saturday, May 4th, from 12-5) we will be set up on the main lawn in front of Stoneybrook T-stop and will be adding red squares to the banner throughout the day. Drop off your red squares on Saturday, May 4 at the shop or at our spot by the Stoneybrook T. We are hoping to hang the banner from the main stage at 5pm on Saturday.

THE RAFFLE: We’re having a raffle to thank all of our square stitchers! Fill out a raffle ticket when you drop off your square(s) and enter to win a lovely, springy prize from Spud & Chloe, a JP Knit & Stitch project bag, and a $10 gift certificate!

THANKS to Jess Pease, Michael Sullivan, and Matt Fredenburg who are helping organize our crafting for Marriage Equality effort!

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