Me Made May 2017 at JP Knit & Stitch

JP Knit & Stitch staff and instructors at our 2016 Me Made May Party


Each May brings us more sunny days, a refreshed look at the world, and Me Made May–a month-long celebration of handmade!


It’s not a competition, nor is it a photo challenge.

Me Made May (now in its eighth year!) is a chance to consider our relationship to our wardrobes and the role of handmade clothing–how we incorporate it into an outfit, how we mend it or refashion it,  stretch our “making muscles” to gain new skills and confidence, and setting personal goals that fit and empower own styles and bodies. The focus is mainly on sewing, but knit or other types of clothing is by no means shunned. Me Made May is for all levels of stitchers and is a wonderful time to get back into sewing or learn something new with the full support of a large and encouraging sewing community, both online and right here at JP Knit & Stitch.

This month on the blog, we wanted to introduce you to some of our favorite patterns from Indie designers and all the different ways you can use the patterns to suit your own taste! We love Indie sewing pattern designers here at JPKS because the patterns are so well-suited to contemporary wardrobes and lifestyles. Many are geared toward the beginning (or time-crunched!!) sewist and guide you through fundamental sewing techniques. The patterns often include full instructions, lovingly and creatively conceived by so many hard-working small biz ladies! Basically, there is nothing not to love about them.

We want to invite YOU to join us for Me Made May! Come join us for the fun:

  • Check out these hashtags on Instagram and share your personal challenges to connect with others
    #MMMay17 #MMMayJPKS17 #MMMay2017
  • Stay tuned to the blog  for posts throughout the month that will be chock full with ideas and inspiration. You can also find posts from previous years right here.
  • We love ushering new stitchers into the world and helping support those already on their way with inspiration, tools, and materials. Below are some of our spring sewing classes to help you learn the basics, stitch up those breezy summer frocks you’ve been dreaming of, or the staple garments to anchor your wardrobe:
    May Sewing Drop-In Workshop
    Fabric Printing Workshop
    Learn to Sew: Tote Bag and Zippered Pouch
    Summer Sewing Tank Workshop
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