Meet Team JPKS: Doug Rhee


Have you met Doug yet? He is one of the newest additions to our team here at the shop and we’re so thrilled to have him here because he. is. amazing! Doug is not only a wonderful person to work with, he just so happens to be a Super Knitter with great talent and taste. I mean, do you see that knit Babar up there? He has his very own individually knit Three Piece Suit AND the most adorable bowler hat in the world. Enough said. Well, except that I (Kate HG) got to ask him all kinds of fun questions so that we could all get to know him a bit better and he kindly obliged my nosiness.

Tell us three things about yourself that we should all know:
1. I own 5 different interchangeable knitting needle sets to help feed my habit of casting on more projects than I should at a time.
2. Quiet at first, but have been told I can be at times sassy. *snaps*
3. Jag kan lite svenska.

K: BONUS FACT everyone needs to know about Doug because I don’t possess the willpower to keep it to myself: Watching Eurovision is his not-so-guilty pleasure. Basically, Doug is the best.

What three words describe you best?
Quiet, Fibernerd (this counts as one word, right?), Hermit

K: Yes, yes it does.

What is your crafting sweet spot (knitting/sewing/embroidery, etc.)? How did you learn and how long have you been at it?
Knitting. I learned mostly off of YouTube and googling my way to answers. My very first project was a baby hoodie pattern from Lion Brand and that was back in 2010. Spinning is a more recent obsession– I took my first class at WEBS during the summer of 2015 and became hooked.

What made you interested in working at JPKS and what has been your favorite part so far?
I wanted to surround myself more in the crafting community. After having taken classes at WEBS, I really enjoyed being around other knitters and yarn lovers. My favorite part has been being able to help fix knitting problems that have been presented to me. It’s a satisfying feeling to be to able to help out. Also, being near to Brooklyn Tweed yarn (I’m a BT fangirl)!

What are your areas of expertise that customers can get your help with when they need a bit of troubleshooting advice?
I’m pretty comfortable handling most knitting problems. I’ve learned a lot about fixing knitting problems through the mistakes that I have made.

What are you working on now?
-Tryk by Melanie Berg from Woolfolk.
-Open Air Wrap from Purl Soho
-Longfellow by Michele Wang from BT Men Volume 2 (only in the very beginning stages)
-Testing out different fibers on my spinning wheel
-An overshot table runner that’s been on my floor loom for months

K: Doug has a floor loom. I just wanted to make sure you all got that.

Doug collects different notions and tools that we are jealous of (he also made the tote bag and zipper pouch like a BOSS).

Do you have a dream project or new medium you’d like to try?
My dream project would be to own and raise a couple Babydoll Southdown sheep, process their raw fleece, spin it into yarn, dye it using natural dyes and weave my own cloth (most likely some sort of twill pattern). Then, I’d like to sew something together using the handwoven cloth.

K: I had to look up what these sheep look like and I am dying because they really are disgustingly adorable. I have no idea what the zoning ordinances in JP have to say on the subject, but I think we can all agree that having some babydoll sheep around would make all our lives better.


Doug is usually around the shop on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays to help with all your fiber questions–stop by and say hi, get the low down on all things Brooklyn Tweed, and get him to tell you all about those spinning and weaving projects (you can also sneek a peek at some of them over on Instagram)!

  • Mckenzie
    Posted at 16:30h, 09 December

    Determined yo be friends!!! <3

    • KateHG
      Posted at 12:02h, 14 December

      He really doesn’t have a choice 😉

  • Barbara Siletsky
    Posted at 16:55h, 13 January

    Doug is a marvelous addition to JPKS! Not only is he incredibly talented and generous, he has a killer sense of humor (not apparent at first, but once you know him), I am glad he is my friend! Barbara