Meet Team JPKS: Lexy Agbay


If you’ve been in the shop, taken a sewing crash course, joined a KAL here, or our Friday StitchNight crew, you’ve most definitely met our beloved Lexy Agbay, Manager Extraordinaire. But do you know her story? Her joyous and genuine laughter knits us together each day (bad pun absolutely intended) and her fierce dedication to making each day better than the last is something that is endlessly inspiring to have in a colleague and friend. Read on for the low down on this fabulous human we’re so lucky to have in our lives:

Tell us three things about yourself:
1. I have three sewing machines: Beast, Monster, and Betty. We have our ups and downs.
2. I can and will dance to anything.
3. I have a horrible sense of direction.

K: I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting Beast and it’s as awesome as you think it might be. You know someone is meant to be in your life when they have a vintage industrial machine set up and they whip up all kinds of amazing things with it like it aint no thang.

What are three things that best describe you:
Let’s just say if…
1. The 11th Dr. Who
2.  Imperator Furiosa
3. Ilana Wexler
had a baby, I hope that baby would be me.

K: That baby is most definitely Lexy!! Except now she’s a full grown superwoman  😉

What is your crafting sweet spot (knitting/sewing/embroidery, etc.)? How did you learn and how long have you been at it?
I am a “recycle and reuse” sewer through and through.  I learned to sew the way most people did,–a wise elderly lady appeared in my life and helped me make my first dress.

What made you interested in working at JPKS and what has been your favorite part so far?
The people and the people! I was working in downtown Boston at the time and bought the amazing Taylor McVay (of Blueprints fame) a beer in exchange for some wisdom. She told me to work at JPKS and I’ve done it ever since.

What are your areas of expertise can customers get your help with when they need a bit of troubleshooting advice?
Sewing clothes. I have worked professionally in fine tailoring and many different things from trashed wedding dresses to hats. I feel like that should give me some level of legitimacy. My specialty is probably any type of improvisation. I love teaching the Sewing Drop-In because everyone comes with these random projects and we have to figure out how to make it happen. Like figuring out a puzzle–my specialty is officially Puzzle Sewing from now on!

What are you working on now? Do you have a dream project or new medium you’d like to try?
I am working on making my wee silly Etsy shop, EyeTrade Handmade, a legit, consistent place for folks to buy my magical creations.  My first items will be very small, VERY colorful wallets I designed called, “For Woman Who Appreciate Pockets“. Stay tuned as items are listed.  My dream project is working on my wee silly Etsy AKA dedicate more of my time and talent to giving my ideas a place to live. You are all creators–you get it ;).

K: Lexy is admirably humble, but don’t let her fool you. She has a strong creative vision that is unique in the way that it incorporates both ingenious functionality and really fun energy. You should MOST DEFINITELY ask her about when you’ll be able to sport her coming line of accessories because I’m pretty sure it’s what all the cool kids are going to be wearing.

Lexy is in the shop almost every week day afternoon and evening. She hosts our Friday StitchNight (free) and I can tell you the laughter that pours out of the shop on those nights is a heartening thing indeed ! Stop by, take a seat in our living room, enjoy your stitching, and the wonderful community Lexy has helped foster.

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