Kate #wip: Monogamy or Polygamy?

Next up on our tour of JPK&S staffer #wip (works in progress) is Kate Noe. Kate works in the shop on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Sundays. She is a pattern detective, a serial projecter, an enthusiastic supporter of any project you are working on, and a passionate crafter. Here’s a peak at her #w(s)ip:

I’ve often heard there are two types of knitters: ones that are monogamous and only work on one project at a time, and ones that are polygamous and working on a dozen projects at once. I definitely fall into the second category. Here’s a brief list of what I have in progress (projects 1 – 6 are in the photo below):

 1. Business Casual socks by Tanis Lavallee for my dad
2. Slow-sewing Circles quilt by Carolyn Friedlander
3. Looking Back cardigan by Joji Locatelli
4. Shipyard mittens by Carrie Bostick Hoge
5. Wheaten scarf by Ann Hanson
6.Vivid blanket by Tin Can Knits
– Sock scrap blanket
– Granny square blanket
– Chief Sealth quilt-as-you-go throw
– Merino/silk/stellina fiber on my spinning wheel
Seeing the amount of work ahead of me can be overwhelming. Some more rational people would frog these projects and say, “Good riddance,” but I genuinely want all of these finished objects. In this predicament, I can only think of this meditation mantra: “Simply begin again.” I’m now picking up one project at a time and working on each monogamously until they are completed, repeating the phrase “simply begin again” in my mind. So which type are you? Monogamous or polygamous?
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