News from JPKS Headquarters!

The cover for our new album that’s about to drop, featuring: Kate Herron Gendreau, Genevieve Day, Alexis Agbay.

As we’ve grown, we’ve been lucky to have so many faces around the shop that have been here with us since day 1. We’ve also expanded to welcome many more talented staff and teachers with expertise in knitting, sewing, crochet, weaving, spinning, dying, embroidery, and more! Our shared joy and expertise is a big part of what makes our community all that it is today so, as we approach JP Knit & Stitch’s 6th year (!), it seems like a good time to share with you some exciting news on that front.

In recent months, you may have seen a lot more of one face in particular around the shop—our sewing and embroidery teacher Kate Herron Gendreau (of KHG Arts). Kate has been with us for four years now and has often helped out with special projects, learning the ropes behind-the-scenes, and has become an enthusiastic knitter to boot. With her background in museums and fine art, Kate brings a unique perspective and a passion for the intersections of craft and culture, history and community-focused spaces like ours.

We’re thrilled to share with you that Kate has officially signed on as a staff member now too—joining Genevieve and Lexy on our management team! Each of us brings our own special something to this endeavor, as well as a lot of dedication for upholding the core values of the shop. We’re definitely looking forward to continuing that tradition together!

We’d be remiss here if we didn’t acknowledge the full spectrum of talent on Team JPKS. A shop like ours is a constant work-in-progress and it benefits from the efforts of so many. On a recent Saturday, Team JPKS gathered together and braved the elements for a group portrait. Our many thanks go out to each of these talented and awesome individuals (including our wonderful and patient photographer Gretjen of Gretjen Helene Photography)!

For the full album (+ some funny outtakes), please visit the album on our Facebook page.


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