We love projects at JPK&S. We also love process. We never tire of seeing someone come in the store and buy yarn or fabric and leave with an idea of what they want to make (sometimes with a pattern, sometimes not, sometimes it’s just some dream project in their head and sometimes it’s meticulously plotted out on graph paper) and then come in and show us what they have created days, weeks, or months later. This part of our website is dedicated to our community of creators…they inspire us every day and hopefully they will also inspire you.

See below for the latest projects news...

Quilting by Hand

We were lucky to be in the shop today when Joyce came by to show off her quilts. Joyce is a self-taught quilter who hand quilts (even the piecing!) and makes the most amazing, modern quilts with wonderful color feeling + juxtaposition. She is old school! Instead of a rotary cutter, Joyce uses scissors; instead of plexi measuring tools, she uses what’s at hand: a sticky for her two inch squares, a napkin for her larger squares, and a tin top for her large circles. We just love her white backgrounds and the bright strips of color…they really pop! Joyce follows no patterns or diagrams, just works it out in her head. We asked Joyce if we could display her crafting art during one of our First Thursday JP art walks and she said…yes! Stay tuned for September 4th when her quilts will be on display in the shop. File under “be inspired”


Posted on July 2nd, 2014 by craftygals

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Spring Inspiration

A little spring eye candy to get you in the mood for your next crafty project: Sam from the amazing Boston Compass (an underground free monthly newspaper based right here in JP with listings of “awesome happenings in the Boston area”) came in for a skein of embroidery floss to finish off his embellished jean jacket; Jillian, a first time quilter, is inspiring us with her creativity and color/fabric choices; and lastly some raw materials that are being whipped into class samples as we speak.

If you need a little nudge to get started, check out our sewing classes here; our knitting classes here; and crochet right here.

We are launching a Friday evening Event Series starting on May 23rd with a book signing and workshop with the ever-inventive  craft-activists New Craft Artists in Action. A “be inspired” evening with our sewing and embroidery teachers on Friday, June 13th is next on the books followed by a Social Media & Blogging Workshop for Sewers, Crafters, and Makers. Stay tuned, we have lots more up our sleeve!

Posted on May 14th, 2014 by craftygals

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