Quilting by Hand

We were lucky to be in the shop today when Joyce came by to show off her quilts. Joyce is a self-taught quilter who hand quilts (even the piecing!) and makes the most amazing, modern quilts with wonderful color feeling + juxtaposition. She is old school! Instead of a rotary cutter, Joyce uses scissors; instead of plexi measuring tools, she uses what’s at hand: a sticky for her two inch squares, a napkin for her larger squares, and a tin top for her large circles. We just love her white backgrounds and the bright strips of color…they really pop! Joyce follows no patterns or diagrams, just works it out in her head. We asked Joyce if we could display her crafting art during one of our First Thursday JP art walks and she said…yes! Stay tuned for September 4th when her quilts will be on display in the shop. File under “be inspired”

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