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Quince & Co. is New England based yarn company. The business began in 2010 by Pam Allen with a historic mill in Maine. 

JP Knit & Stitch is delighted be one of Quince & Co's flagship stores and to stock many of their yarns. While these yarns are not available online, please remember we happily take phone orders at 617-477-3707 or email your order to us at info@jpknitandstitch.com

Quince Yarns that we stock:

As always, we offer free in-store pick-up option for locals and free shipping on all orders of $100+! 


100% American wool / Grown, spun, dyed in USA 
Sport / DK weight | 181yd [166m] / 50g
6 to 6.5 sts / inch

Chickadee is a little darling, soft, plump, springy, and eager to loop into intricate color patterns or delicate textures. It's three plies, spun from soft American wool, are twisted together firmly enough to be sturdy, yet gently enough to be soft and cushiony. 


100% American wool / Grown, Spun, dyed in USA
Fingering weight | 221yd [202m] / 50g
7 to 9 sts / inch

Finch is a little sprite, a fingering-weight with the slightest of halos. It's soft to the touch, yet its neatly twisted plies give it a smooth, tailored finish thatÂ’s sturdy and hardwearing. It's perfectly balanced for an even stockinette stitch, and you'll love how it shows off texture and lace patterns. Perfect for Fair Isle, too.


100% Organic Belgian linen / Spun in Italy
Heavy worsted weight | 76yd [70m] / 50g
3.5 to 4 sts / inch

Kestrel is a new take on a simple linen yarn. Quince took the same Belgium-grown organic linen used in our Sparrow and spun it this time in a ribbon structure. Kestrel knits up quickly at 3½ to 4 stitches to the inch. Its flat surface adds a slight texture to simple knit and purl stitches. But we think the best thing about it is its incredible drape. Like all things linen, woven or knitted, Kestrel only gets better as you wash and wear it.


100% American wool / Grown, spun, dyed in USA 
Worsted weight | 134yd [123m] / 50g
4.5 to 5 sts / inch

Lark is a smooth, round, wool yarn, designed to showcase all manner of stitch patterns. Its firm 4-ply structure yields etched twisted stitches, fluid cables, and chiseled allover small textures. Lark is great, too, when you want a good yarn for well-defined color patterns.


100% American extra-fine merino / Grown, spun, dyed in USA
DK weight | 301yd [275m] / 100g
5 to 5.5 sts / 1 inch

Spun from the finest commercially-available American extra-fine merino wool, Phoebe is unbelievably soft and luxurious to knit with, creating the most satisfying fabric—silky, bouncy, decadent stuff. Perfect in stockinette stitch, ribbing, twisted stitches, and cables.


50% Texas grown kid mohair, 50% Texas superfine merino / Grown, spun, dyed in USA
Heavy laceweight | 305yd [279m] / 50g
6 to 7 sts / inch 

Quince sourced the softest super fine kid mohair we could find from a Texas herd of angora goats and blended it with super fine Texas merino to make a lighter-than-air, almost lace weight single-ply yarn. Piper has a pretty halo and a subtle sheen, thanks to the long, silky fibers of the mohair. Knit it on a larger needle if you want. It fills in nicely. Great in sweaters, hats, and, of course, shawls.


100% American wool / Grown, spun, dyed in USA
Chunky weight | 112yd [102m] / 100g
2.5 to 3 sts / inch

Puffin is a plump, chunky, single-ply yarn spun from sturdy American wool fleece. Its felted texture knits up into garments with a soft halo and a broken-in feel. Puffin is great for quick accessories or cozy, wear-all-the-time sweaters.


100% American wool / Grown, spun, dyed in USA
Aran/heavy worsted weight | 170yd [155m] / 100g
3.5 to 4 sts / inch 

Osprey is a cushy, comfy, 3-ply Aran-weight yarn spun from fluffy wool fleece. Its relaxed twist gives knits a soft, fluid hand. Texture patterns knitted in Osprey are lofty, light, and easy to work.


50% American wool, 50% alpaca / Spun and dyed in USA
Worsted weight | 120yd [110m] / 50g
4.5 to 5 sts / inch

Squishy, lofty, plump, little Owl is made from a blend of American wool and alpaca. It's spun and dyed in New England and knits up between 4½ to 5 stitches per inch, the perfect weight for just about everything.


100% Organic linen / Made in Italy
Fingering weight | 168yd [155m] / 50g
5.5 to 6.5 sts /inch

Sparrow is a plain little yarn, beautiful in its simplicity. Its clean, smooth hand is crisp as you knit it. But after washing and wearing it becomes handkerchief soft. Spun in Italy from organic linen grown in Belgium.


75% American wool, 25% silk / Spun and dyed in USA
Fingering weight | 221yd [202m] / 50g
7 to 9 sts / inch

Soft and skinny is our wispy Tern, a blend of wool and tussah silk. The yarn's muted palette - think vintage painted photographs - results from the way in which the different fibers absorb dye. The wool portion colors thoroughly, but the silk is barely tinted. It's good for socks, scarves, mitts, hats, and any sweater that loves a little drape.


100% California Cleaner Cotton™ / Grown, Spun, dyed in USA 
Sport / DK weight | 160yd [146m] / 50g
5.5 to 6.5 sts / inch 

Willet is alight, summery bird, sourced from high-quality, responsibly grown Cleaner Cotton™. The fiber's long staple length yields a deliciously soft yarn with a hint of pretty sheen. At 6 sts / inch, it works both as a sport and dk weight. In Willet's neat little stitches, we see potential for sweet baby things, cool tanks and tees, pillow covers and summer throws, shawls, and more. Try it in a pretty lace pattern or a well-defined knit/purl texture.