Reminder: Deadlines!

We are so grateful to you JP Knit and Stitchers who have been knitting dolls for children in Zambia and mittens and socks for children and adults in Afghanistan!  Thank you so much.  The deadline for getting these crafty items to the store is SUNDAY, JUNE 30th.  We will then pack up the socks   and mitts and send them to the Afghans for Afghans people in SF so they can send them on to Afghanistan.  Our own Jo Anne Steeves will take the dolls you’ve crafted to Zambia in early July.  If you haven’t already been in the store to see these incredibly adorable, cuddly and creative dolls do stop in before the 30th.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have been knitting for others.  They and we are very grateful.


JP Knit and Stitch

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