Scraps + Chaos

We usually like to feature projects from JPK&S yarn on the JPK&S website, but when this project walked in the shop, we knew it would be selfish to keep it to ourselves. Meet Tracy. Tracy is an avid and self-taught knitter. Like many knitters, Tracy sometimes has trouble finishing his projects. He came in the shop for help weaving in the ends on this incredible blanket he made using lots and lots of very brightly colored yarn from here, there, and everywhere. Seriously, the blanket glowed. I wish we had gotten a real closeup, but you get the picture..big + bright + fuzzy….gorgeous. Tracy also had a trunkful of unfinished projects in his car, one of which he carries around in a Louis Vuitton bag. Yes, Tracy brightened our day. Tracy came by a few days later for StitchNight where he got some more help with finishing from the collective group. Thanks, JPK&Stitchers!

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