Squares of Hope for JP

You can make a 6×6 inch square if knit, crocheted or woven. If you sew or embroidery, make it 6.5×6.5 inches so they can be seamed together!

Hey there Jamaica Plain—We invite you to make a square for our community-crafted banner and be a part of this year’s Wake Up the Earth Festival (WUTE)!

JP Knit & Stitch has participated in Jamaica Plain’s WUTE Festival since our first year of operation in 2011. The festival combines the May Day traditions of multicultural celebration, social and economic justice, and a love for Mother Earth. Each spring, JP Knit & Stitch has partnered with Spontaneous Celebrations to create a community crafting project—from a large-scale marriage equality banner in 2013, to crafty gardens blooming in the park and extensive yarn-bombing installations–we’ve put our hands, heads, and hearts together to make it all happen!

In 2013, our own Jess Pease led the charge to create this community-crafted marriage equality banner for the WUTE festival.

This year promises to be a critical time for our community to gather together and speak up about the values we’ve built our neighborhood upon. JP Knit & Stitch will be marching in the WUTE parade and this year, we will be leading the charge once again to create a large-scale banner. Like our neighborhood, the whole will reflect the work and passion of many and our common bonds.

We love @elizabethanknits’ square inspired by the Charles River

Squares of Hope will be an effort to create this banner and we are asking you to submit a square of your own! Click here to read about the event details and come join us at Stitch Night throughout the month of April. We look forward to seeing you there and working together to celebrate and elevate the voices of Jamaica Plain (please feel free to share this with your friends and neighbors to spread the word)!

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