Thanks to Gina, Michelle, Cecily, and Melissa + 1

We had a wonderful weekend hosting guests from near and far at the shop. On Saturday we welcomed Gina + Michelle from Cloud 9 Organic fabric company. We were inspired by their personal stories (mid-career leap of faith to create Cloud 9) and that Michelle is a third generation illustrator graphic designer (Maman line is based on her Grandmother’s Illustrations). We got to see a sneak peak of Monsterz and Ed Emberly’s Happy Drawing fabric lines, both amazing collections (see the gallery below for some pics). They were also nice enough to leave us with some very inspiring samples of Maman and Miscellany. Thanks to Gina + Michelle for making the trip!

On Sunday we had a book signing with Cecily and Melissa from Weekend Hats and New England Knits. Everyone loved seeing the big ol’ pile of sample hats they brought along as well as scarves and sweaters. They hung out and knit in our living room all afternoon and it was so fun to have them. We loved Cecily’s IKea skirt (see below) and Melissa’s work in progress. Thanks to both of them for visiting!

Don’t forget next weekend we have our staff + teachers studio show, “be inspired” and the following week we launch our Dolls for Zambia knitting project. See our events page for details.

At the end of the month we welcome the wonderful + very talented KRISTIN NICHOLAS. She will be teaching two workshops and giving a slideshow lecture on “The Joy of Color.” See here for all the details. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and learn from a truly inspired knitter.

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