The Hoot Toque

Lisa is a self proclaimed “JP Knit & Stitch prodigy.” She learned how to knit from Kendra’s beginning knitting class and has steadily worked on projects and increased the levels of complexity on each one. She’s now working on her first sweater (the Effortless Cardigan) and was in the shop recently to browse yarn for it (a sweater is a big commitment). While she was in the shop, she pulled this fun project out of her bag…and we fell in love. Apparently it’s the second one she’s done and the first was Magenta (would LOVE to have seen that!). Here it is, the Hoot Toque (so adorable!)…every child should have one!


  • EmilyPotato
    Posted at 21:11h, 10 April

    Ahhh I have had my eye on the Effortless Cardigan too. What a great choice. Thanks for sharing Lisa’s journey, so fun to hear her progression. And obviously the hoot hat is so so cute. I wish I was one of those adults who could pull off the animal hats.