Three seasons, nine sweaters

We’ve been waiting many months for this post. Actually, we’ve been waiting since the day we opened back in March. Sherilyn came in shortly after we opened and quietly picked up a sweaters worth of yarn. And then she came back. And she did it again. And again. All through the spring, into the summer, fall, three seasons punctuated by Sherilyn and her sweaters. We started talking. Turns out Sherilyn used to knit, but stopped for many years. Then she walked into JP Knit & Stitch and was inspired to take it up again. And voila, nine sweaters later, Sherilyn has completed all her holiday gifts for the whole family. See below (and here’s hoping everyone’s name and designated sweater is correct!).

ps. Sherliyn’s last project is one for herself, finally. Yes, we’re inspired.

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