Two works in progress

Yesterday it was just one of those days in the shop. Most people that came in were either in the midst of projects or starting new ones. Here’s a look at two works in progress:

First up is Emily and her shawl. File this also under “saw it at Eileen Fisher and decided to make one for a quarter of the price.” Emily made this lovely shawl for her sister-in-law out of Nancy’s hand dyed fingering (in a gorgeous ocean blue that the photo does not do justice to) and now she’s making on for herself out of TSC Ritratto.

Next up is Reiko and Marika. I love this sweet scarf out cloud soft kidsilk haze. Reiko thinks she won’t finish it until the fall, but I think she’s well on her way.  That wonderful shade of pink looks just lovely on Marika already!

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