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Westminster Fall Haul!

As the weather cools we turn our attention to yarn and wooly sweaters and accesories, but couldn’t resist one more batch of gorgeous cottons from Westminster, in a toasty autumn palette.

Our ever-stylish sewing instructor Jeanne introduced us to Jay McCarroll’s newest collection, Center City. His gritty textures are fabulous for bright but grown-up garments. The same goes for Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study collection. Love that feather print!

We also have prints from Brandon Mably, Denyse Schmidt, and Tula Pink in some of my favorite colors–gray, magenta, chartruse–which will add an awesome pop to any project.

Finally, more colors of a classic favorite: Kaffe Fassett shot cottons. These solids and almost-solids (two different thread colors create a beautiful shimmering effect) are great for garments and gifts. Try an infinity scarf for a quick and cute project that showcases this fabric, which will get softer with every wash.


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