Posted by Rebecca on Jan 29th 2021

Bbbbrrrrrrrrrrr...........9 degrees!  Seriously!  Silver lining is that it's perfect weather to cozy up with all your knits!  I've started planning out yarns for spring.  If you ha … read more

New Idea

Posted by Rebecca on Jan 22nd 2021

I've been working very hard trying to finish up some WIPs.....I've been able to check 3 off the list!!  Still have so many to go but I'm not thinking about that now.  I have to admit.....the … read more

Knitting Goals

Posted by Rebecca on Jan 15th 2021

Along with setting my intentions for the new year....yes I call them intentions, not resolutions.....I also set knitting goals.  While I'm not 100% sure what my goals look like just yet, I do kno … read more


Posted by Rebecca on Jan 7th 2021

I've never been so happy to say that before!  I was NOT sad to see 2020 go!!! I'm working on a couple test knits for Beachhouse Knits this month.  Both of them are worked in WoolRx.  I' … read more