Adventures on Sleeve Island

Me Made May

Posted by Rebecca on May 13th 2021

Here it is Everyone.....the SALE you have all been waiting for!  It's Me Made May and I have GOT to make some room for goodies for fall.  This might very well be the biggest sale we have eve … read more

Mother's Day

Posted by Rebecca on May 6th 2021

I'd like to take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to all the Moms out there!  It's been a tough year with lots of highs and lows.  I'm sure, like me, this year has left you with som … read more


Posted by Rebecca on Apr 29th 2021

First and foremost - thank you for all the LYSD love!  Second - I'm really excited to start offering some in-person shopping.  I know some of you are disappointed that it won't be in Jamaica … read more

Local Yarn Store Day!

Posted by Rebecca on Apr 15th 2021

Hip Hip Hooray....Hip Hip's Local Yarn Store Day (I was actually kind of singing that as I typed it)! First - I wanted to say Thank You for all of your support through these crazy times … read more

Had to go off topic....

Posted by Rebecca on Apr 9th 2021

I'm sorry to go off topic this week but I read this statistic (as part of a bigger piece) and am completely horrified....though deep down I had a feeling........UGH."Before the pandemic, it was estima … read more