Behind the Scenes - Part 2

Posted by Rebecca on Jul 27th 2020

I told myself that if I finished two WIPs.....I could cast on something new!!!  I think that might be my new habit.....finish two, start one.  I also ripped out three or four WIPs!  WOW....did that feel GOOOOOOD!  Right now I'm finishing up my Soldatna in Less Traveled DK and my Adventurous Wrap in Primrose Sock.  Once I finish, I'm casting on the Spark Cardigan (at least that's the plan....who knows what will come out between now and the time I finish).

My kiddos and I have been spending a lot of time outside.  My son's new love is fishing!  It's amazing how focused he gets.....the unfortunate part is that my youngest thinks everything about fishing is so funny & exciting that she constantly screams and giggles.  Yup - she scares away ALL the fish!  

They have loved watching all of the vegetables grow in our gardens.  They go out every evening to see if there is anything to pick for dinner (or just snack on)!