​Look Honey...We Bought A Yarn Store - Part II

Feb 26th 2021

I was very hesitant to tell my husband about my new wild idea.  After a glass (or two) of wine, I finally said...

Me: "So, guess what...JP Knit & Stitch is for sale"

Jeff: Oh

Me: Crazy right

Jeff: Yeah

Me: I'd love to have a yarn store

Jeff: Mmmmhhhhmmm

Me: Maybe I should just call?  I mean, It will probably go nowhere, but I just know I'd kick myself if I didn't at least call

Jeff: Mmmmmhhhmmm

I still remember getting off the phone with Genevieve with a stunned looked on my face.  My husband looked at me and I said...."We just bought a yarn store!"

In a matter of two weeks (you read that right)…...I had cleared out part of my old 401k and invested in something that I wanted to make part of my children’s future. My family was now the proud owner of JP Knit & Stitch.