Posted by Rebecca on Jan 29th 2021

Bbbbrrrrrrrrrrr...........9 degrees!  Seriously!  Silver lining is that it's perfect weather to cozy up with all your knits!  I've started planning out yarns for spring.  If you have any suggestions on yarns you would like to see in the shop, please be sure to email and let me know!  I'm getting ready to place a yummy order with Farmer's Daughter.  I can't wait to restock those beauties.  

I'm on week 2 of remote learning with my 4 year old.  Yes - you read that correctly....Zoom for 4 year olds.  I give her teachers so much credit.  Keeping a class of 4 year olds engaged over Zoom is not an easy task.  It requires lots of help from parents.  So, if you're waiting on a reply from me - I promise I'm getting there.  I'm just a bit backed up right now.  Hopefully, she will be back at school on the 8th and things can go back to "normal".....well....the new normal anyway.

Happy Knitting!