We are moving online!

Posted by Rebecca on Jun 16th 2020

Over the past 9 years, JP Knit & Stitch has built a diverse community of dedicated makers and friends. The pandemic and the uncertainty that it brings and the restrictions on retail spaces such as ours, has put us in a very challenging position. However, we are very grateful for the challenges the pandemic has presented because it has brought us back to why we have the shop and what is really important to you, our customer. While 461 Centre Street will always have a very special place in our heart, we feel that it is in our best interest to take JPKS online ONLY. We believe that in order to continue to bring our growing community the exciting classes, events, and special guests that our community has come to expect from us, that we need to focus on some exciting new opportunities and do things differently. We hope you understand that this move is in your and our best interest. You can still find us online, via email, and hopefully at a brewery or two as the pandemic allows. We have a lot of exciting ideas in the works (hint: stay tuned in the coming weeks for some of these new products and services) and this move will allow us to see those through.

For those of you with gift cards, please do not worry. We are still accepting them, you will just need to place your order online and put the numbers from the back right of the gift card in the notes section.  You will then be refunded the amount of the gift card or the amount of the order (whichever is less). Please email us ( with any questions..

This Saturday, June 21st, will be the last "in-shop" pick up for orders. After that, all orders will be shipped. However, we are exploring ways in which we can organize pick-ups for our local friends...P.S. it might involve a pint :-)

Please know, this is certainly NOT a closure. This is simply just a change in how we are doing business during these VERY uncertain times.